Thursday, January 6, 2011

Regina Siebert Eberhard - Found!!

My genealogical journey began in the mid-1990s due to curiosity about my grandfather, Harry Nunn. It was a long eight years before I broke through the wall that prevented me from finding him and his family.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the key was his sister, Elizabeth. Elizabeth married Louis Siebert in 1905 and they had two daughters, Regina and Eva. By 1930 Regina was no longer in the household.  She must have married – but whom?

Periodic checking on the website I found a bride card for a Regina Siebert. The card stated the groom was Nicholas Eberhard, Jr.   In mid-December I ordered the film from the local Family History Center. I anxiously awaited the opening of the FHC this week after its ten day holiday. I viewed the film on January 5 and found the bride card was indeed MY Regina Siebert.  She stated her mother’s maiden name was Elizabeth Nunn! Success!!

Through the SS Death Index I found Regina Eberhard died 10 Oct. 1987 in Queens, NY. For only $8.00 the Queens Library Archives will provide a copy of the obit.  The letter is in the mail; my fingers are crossed that it provides further information on this family.   


  1. What a find! Congrats. Birth places, mothers' names, addresses, lots of details to add to your knowledge of Regina and Nicholas!

  2. I am thrilled. This information takes me to the next generation. Also on the website I found an Elizabeth Siebert who married Fritz Piepenburg in October 1937. That will be the next step.

  3. I know how exciting it is to find the next generation back! Congratulations! And thanks for the reminder of the Steve Morse website. I haven't looked there for a while and it sounds like he's added more sites to search.

  4. Nancy: I have learned, quite by accident, that I need to go back to sources I had checked before. Besides new information being added every day, there may be any number of reasons why I missed the information the first, even the second time around. I now periodically recheck these websites. Happy searching!