Monday, January 10, 2011

Mystery Monday - Levine and Cantor

In viewing the Manhattan Bride and Groom Card Certificate #6642 for my relatives Regina Siebert and Nicholas Eberhard the witnesses at the wedding ceremony were Raymond N. Lett and Eva Siebert. But also on the card were the signatures of additional witnesses; I assume those were who witnessed the couple filling out the certificate at the Department of Health. The witnesses were Samuel Levine and Estelle Cantor.  These names are not on my family tree – so who are they?

I scanned the previous card, #6641, and found that Samuel and Estelle were listed as the bride and groom. I then went down to #6643 and found that the witnesses listed for that couple were Regina and Nicholas. I then imagined that each couple in line at the City of New York Department of Health witnessed the signatures of the next couple in line.
Samuel Levine and Estelle Cantor 
If anyone is searching for Russian born Samuel Levine whose father is Joseph Levine or Estelle Cantor from Leeds, England whose mother’s name was Hattie Sacker, here is their Certificate and Record of Marriage.  Enjoy the journey.

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