Monday, February 5, 2018

53 Ancestors – Favorite Name - Metihable

Metihable would rate high on my list as a favorite family name. The first Metihable, Metihable Hall makes her appearance in our family in 1709 when she married John Agard of Mansfield, Connecticut. John was the son of John “The Elder” and Esther Agard. Since John “The Elder” died before or at the time of reaching Massachusetts, Esther is considered the founding member of the Agards in America.

Two years after John’s birth (16 July 1683), Esther married Samuel Storrs. A few years after that, the family moved to Mansfield, Connecticut. That is where John met Metihable Hall, the daughter of Benjamin and Metihable (Matthews) Hall.

But wait! Now that Esther has married into the Storrs family, we find that Samuel Storr’s first wife, Mary (Huckins) Storrs died shortly after giving birth to a daughter named Mehitable. Unfortunately, Mehitable Storrs was baptized 17 September 1683, and died shortly after.

The name of Mehitable was carried down through the Agard family line as well as the Storrs family line. That will be a good project for me one day – track all the Mehitables in our family!