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Jacksonville Community Church - History 1852-1858

During my Finger Lakes Book Tour this week I realized I should continue the transcription of my great-grandmother Jessie (Tucker) Agard's handwritten history of the Jacksonville Community Church. I was told there are many new members of this church and that they are interested in its history. Since I have a long way to go on this project, I thought I would post sections of it to help anyone researching ancestors in the Jacksonville, Ulysses area of Tompkins County, New York. 

One alteration I decided to make in Grandma's listing of names was to list them last name first for easier identification. It will also make it easier to develop an index. 

If anyone is searching for an ancestor during the 1842 - 1946 time frame, which I believe this history covers, please send me an email and I will look through the manuscript. I did this for the Smith family, which is listed on this blog. 

Transcription of handwritten history:

Dec. 4, 1852            Resolution

Bro. Robinson, pastor, empowered to make arrangements to preach at other appointments.

Resolved that we make Bro. Robinson a donation.

1853            Donation for Bro. Robinson.

March 3, 1855              Resolved by this Quarterly Conference that a subscription be taken immediately for remodeling the present “House of Worship” in classrooms below and an audience room above upon the second floor with an addition in front for a belfry or steeple.  Carried unanimously, William Farrington, R.S.

1856            The bell was purchased in 1856 and transferred to the new church in 1998 at the time of the dedication.

Names of Members:
H.F. Giles – Preacher in Charge – Leader

Farrington, Catherine                                         Bogardus, John C.
Cooper, Jeremiah                                                Earl, Charilla
Cooper, Lydia                                                        Earl, Sarah
Cooper, Helen                                                       Earl, Polly
Dean, Sally                                                            Caroline Mack
Ferris, Julia                                                            VanOrder, Elizabeth
Dean, Harriet E.                                                   Baker, Emily
VanOrder, Adam                                                  Dean, Julia
VanOrder, Maria                                                   Mattison, Eliza
Hartupe, Sally                                                        VanOrder, Eliza
Vanbuskirk, Sarah                                                Wilcox, Hannah
Shaw, J                                                                    Dean, Emily
Shaw, Eliza                                                            Baker, Asenith
Colegrove, Nancy                                                Gale, Catherine
Wilcox, Leonard                                                   Wilcox, Polly
Wilcox, Hester A.                                                  Babcock, Tompkins
Babcock, Margaret                                                Mandaville, Betsy

1856-57            Class No. 2            William Farrington, Leader
Stout, Joseph                                                          Lanning, Caroline
Stout, Maria                                                            Follett, Silas
Wilcox, Elisha                                                         Follett, Nancy
Earl, Mehitable                                                      Smith, Emeline
Smith, Clement                                                     Curry, Nancy
Smith, Lucy                                                            Smith, Peter
King, Asaph (local preacher)                              Smith, Rhoda
King, Jane                                                              Thompson, Catherine
Wheelock, Lydia                                                   Rightmire, John
Smith, Robert                                                        Rightmire, Amy
Smith, Hannah                                                      Rightmire, Anna M.
Ganoung, Joseph                                                  Dickens, Hannah
Ganoung, Amelia                                                  Richey, Russell
Norton, Smith                                                        Thomas, Emily
Norton, Abigail                                                      Lambert, Henry
Taylor, Mary                                                          Ganoung, Tamor
Ganoung, Ursula                                                   Mack, Maria
Smith, Jehiel                                                          Woodworth, Fanny
Smith, Melissa                                                        Lambert, Sarah
Smith, Abigail                                                         Follett, Phoebe
Norton, Cl. Statia                                                   Norton, Jehiel
Pierson, Albert                                                       Norton, Lufanny
Pierson, Mary                                                         Williams, Mary
Darrah, Jane                                                           Van, Mary Jane

1858             Mack Settlement – New Organization – James Huson, Leader
Huson, Fanny                                                            Follett, Henrietta
Lambert, Joseph                                                       Follett, Elmina
Woodworth, David                                                   Huson, Ellen
Minier, Abram                                                            Fergurson, Louisa
Rightmire, Lyman                                                     Richards, Emeline
Rightmire, Mary                                                        Dickenson, Catherine
Fergurson, John J.                                                    Smith, Sylvester
Fergurson, Deborah                                                Corben, Jane E.
Trotter, Ab. M.                                                          Rightmire, Addison
Wilson, Oscar                                                            Mott, Mrs. (old lady)
Fowler, Alvah
Fowler, Melissa
Sullivan, Eli S.
Sullivan, Susan
Sullivan, Benj. F.
Luckey, Henry
Luckey, Susan
Pinckney, Harriet
Smith, Alonzo
Huson, Fenton
Pinckney, Owen
Dubois, Antoinette
Westervelt, Peter
Sullivan, Sophronia

Monday, April 2, 2018

52 Ancestors - Maiden Aunt - Adelaide Tucker

Through my great grandmother's journals (Jessie (Tucker) Agard) and documents have I been given, I've learned a lot more about her sister, Adelaide. 
Adelaide Tucker (7 April 1871–5 April 1960) was the second daughter of William and Fanny Adelia (Hosner) Tucker. Addie grew up in Enfield, Tompkins County, New York. She matriculated at Cortland Normal State Teachers College (Cortland, NY), and upon graduation Addie taught first in Ramapo, Rockland County, New York, and then, by 1910, and for the rest of her career in Asbury Park, New Jersey. From 1920 through 1930 while continuing her teaching career she boarded with Cornelia Thompson in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Although eleven years difference in age, a close friendship developed between Addie and Cornelia, and in 1924 Cornelia accompanied Addie to Jacksonville for the summer.

Cornelia B. Thompson was born 11 May 1860 in New Jersey.  In 1940 Cornelia and Addie lived at 126 South Main Street, Ocean Grove, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Cornelia died 2 December 1940 and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey. [1]
When Addie traveled back to Jacksonville during her school vacations, she took the Black Diamond train to the Willow Creek station, and in later years got off at the Ithaca, NY station.

When she retired from teaching, which was between 1944 and 1947, Addie made her home back in Jacksonville and Trumansburg, living with her sisters. She kept busy helping her sisters with their household chores, grocery shopping, and caring for family members.

 In late December 1959 she moved her things from Jessie and Arthur’s house across the road to Bill and Marian Agard’s home while Jessie and Arthur spent the winter in Florida with Louie and Adeline Tamburino. In March 1960, Jessie received word that Addie was not feeling well. Jessie so wished she could be back in New York to care for her sister. Every few days Bill and Marian reported on Addie’s condition. She continued to fail.  Shortly after Jessie and Arthur returned home, Addie was in very poor health, and by March 28 they admitted her to Mrs. Leonard’s nursing home in Jacksonville, New York. On April 5, just two days before her 89th birthday, at 5:30 a.m. Addie Tucker passed.