Monday, July 28, 2014

What’s Cornhole?

To answer a comment on my last blog I need to explain the game of Cornhole. I was introduced to this game while in Florida last winter.  It takes a bit of hand/eye coordination, and some folks get the hang of it much quicker than others!

According to the American Cornhole Association website, “It has been called many things, Corn Toss, Bean Bag, Bean Toss, Soft Horseshoes, Indiana Horseshoes, but to many of us born and raised in Kentucky and the southern part of Ohio, the game is passionately referred to as Cornhole. 

It has been said that the game originated in Germany in the 14th century, and then was rediscovered in the hills of Kentucky over 100 years ago. 

The truth is, who really knows, but the game is great fun for all ages and can be played anywhere! 

Cornhole or Corn Toss is similar to horseshoes except you use wooden boxes called cornhole platforms and corn bags instead of horseshoes and metal stakes. Contestants take turns pitching their corn bags at the cornhole platform until a contestant reaches the score of 21 points. A corn bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point.

The wooden platforms used at the reunion were specially made with a photo of the camp on them.  Very classy. 

Cornhole is an inexpensive game, easily portable, and right for all ages. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

MakiPalooza Family Reunion

Official MakiPalooza 2014 tee shirt
"Because we don't look nearly as crazy next to our relatives"

This reunion wasn’t the first.  While my hubby’s grandfather Emil Maki (1885-1978) was alive there were annual family gatherings over Memorial Day weekend that coincided with his birthday. Emil’s five children and their families would gather round for an afternoon of fun, games and of course great food. 

Gen X in training for their turn at hosting a family reunion
Occasionally there would be another family get-together during the summer at Emil’s youngest daughter’s cottage on Seneca Lake.  Besides the usual laughter, chatter and picnic, family members had a chance to enjoy the lake.

Alas, those gatherings became less after Emil passed and as his children aged and then faded away.

One of the last Maki family gathering with Emil's children
Mecklenburg, New York
A few years ago the baby boom generation hosted a gathering at the Baptist Church hall in Newfield, NY.  Although great to see everyone, the gathering didn’t have the same ambiance as in the past when kids could run in the yard, and we would feast on Uncle George’s barbeque chicken. 

Many years has passed until this summer when the Gen X family members took charge and hosted a hugely successful reunion week on the shores of Lake Champlain.  The setting was spectacular, the food delicious, and games of CornHole keep everyone laughing as beanbags flew through the air to yells of success and groans of defeat.  From 4:00 to 8:00 we were serenaded by the lovely voice of American Idol Season 9 contestant Ben Bright. He sang happy birthday to several of us … including moi.

Our immediate family has grown and with marriages and partnerships we had at least eleven surnames representing nationalities including Finland, Ireland, England, Poland, and the Virgin Islands. It was rewarding to see millenials who met for the first time and immediately became best friends.  

Another MakiPalooza reunion is scheduled for 2016, and I know everyone is excited to get together again.