Friday, May 29, 2015

Joseph Nunn and St. Michael’s Cemetery

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I received a reply to the email I sent over the weekend to the staff at St. Michael’s Cemetery in East Elmhurst, NY.

My Joseph, aka Casper Joseph, is buried there under the name of Casper J. “Munn.” The grave location was provided. Joseph died of endocarditis.  Simply, endocarditis is an infection of the inner lining of the heart. There are many types, so no way of knowing from which one Joseph suffered.

Also buried there, according to the records, is ten year old, “Jason Munn.”  Jason was buried 8 November 1894.

My previous research found ten children of Joseph and Catherine Nunn. But in documents I have, Catherine consistently states she had eleven children. When I learned of Jason, I thought I might have found the missing child. But the name didn’t seem right for this family’s naming patterns. I pulled out my family descendant chart and immediately saw that “Jason” was actually Joe Nunn, born in 1884 and died 6 November 1894.  The eleventh child is still a mystery.

I was informed there are no headstones since the burial site was not privately owned. Meaning they were interred in the areas of this cemetery assigned to other free churches, “to provide a final dignified resting place for the poor.”

I immediately thanked the Office Manager who attended to my request with such speed. I sent her the descendant chart for her records, hoping she might make note of the correct spelling of the names, and mailed off a check to cover the research fee. The information provided was worth every penny!!

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