Friday, June 5, 2015

Genealogy Interest Survey

Our genealogy society recently sent members a “Survey Monkey” to capture information on member interests and research needs. The information gathered will allow us to develop future programs.

We learned the geographic area in which our members live, which confirms we are holding our meetings in the best possible library branch location.

We learned 46.5% of our members use Facebook, but not for genealogy, nor they mentioned, did they have any idea how to do that. Our October program will be on using social media for genealogy research.

Members shared the most used genealogy websites and added many to the list provided.

Fifty-nine percent want help to improve their online search techniques, while 52% need help organizing their research materials. We will cover this universal issue at next week’s meeting.

When asked what software used it was surprising that 29% don’t use the better known software. One uses Ancestral Quest, another The Master Genealogist, one paper and pen, and a disturbing entry, “,” probably not the best place to keep all your family data. Ancestry is a business that is bought and sold at will. No one knows what the next owners of the site will do. Consequently, it is best to keep your family data at home, backed up often.

In the comment section we learned even more about what members need from the society. They enjoy the exchange of ideas, learning new research techniques, and social time with fellow genealogists. One person stated they felt like a “deer in headlights” not knowing where to look for the resources they need. And that is where members of FRGS will come to the rescue!

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