Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Amos Tucker and Civil War Research

When it was time to research and write the story of Amos Tucker I was stumped when I found his military papers said he was killed in the battle of Petersburg on 8 June 1865, but his stone in the Mecklenburg (NY) Union Cemetery has the death date of 2 March 1865. Amos served in the 179th New York Infantry.

I admit when I came upon the difference in dates I decided to bypass poor Amos and went on to the next sibling. It wasn’t until Saturday’s presentation by CRRL Librarian and Civil War researcher Holly Schemmer that I decided I had to do Amos justice. I had to write his story, and Holly got me motivated to do so.

Holly shared with those present four documents she has put together to help search Civil War ancestors. Following her suggestions I will develop a strategy.

Locate Amos on the 1860 census.
Search enlistment registers, service records, etc. on, Ancestry and Fold3.
Check compiled military service records at NARA (and on Fold3)

Since his wife Martha (Gosbeck) Tucker died young, I won’t find her in the 1890 Civil War Veterans and Widow Schedule, or Pension records, but this is a GREAT resource for others.

Other helpful sites that Holly shared are:
Cyndi’s list
Library of Congress
National Park Service
Regimental Histories (A great idea!)
CW150 Legacy Project
Historical societies and museums.

Holly mentioned The Civil War Trust is a wonderful resource and had great maps.

I have a lot of work cut out for me, but I do owe it to Amos and Martha.  

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