Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Frank and Mae Louisa (Turner) Doolittle

Over the last few days I have spent hours inputting family data, photos, sources and obits into my family tree. Mostly I am getting caught up on the Tucker family. Since I haven’t worked on this family line in about a year, I am doing a form of genealogy do-over, reviewing what I have written and verifying my sources.

The process of developing an online family tree is helpful in that it immediately tells me where I have missing or erroneous information – like the red warning note that says a child was born after the mother’s date of death!  Typo!!

Today I realized my previous write-up did not include any marriage information for Frank Doolittle (1865-1915), son of John and Mary Jane (Tucker) Doolittle. His obit mentioned two married daughters, using their husband’s names of course. So where is the wife?

It did not take long to find this family in the 1900 census, and I don’t know why I didn’t have this information before.

In 1886 Frank Doolittle married Mae Louisa Turner. They had two daughters, Charlotte, born March 1887, and Helen, born November 1889.

In March 1908 Charlotte married Purley H. Lawlor of Willawanna, PA. The couple then lived with his parents, Joseph and Ida Lawlor in Athens, Bradford, PA.  Charlotte and Purley had a daughter, Margaret, born abt 1911.  By 1915 the couple lived in Rochester, New York.

Helen Doolittle married Charles Shaff.  Helen died at her sister’s home in 1933 at the age of 44. I need to find out the circumstances and to find where Charles is buried.

At some point along the way, Frank and Mae were divorced, as I later find her listed as Mae Louise Turner Manley, or Mrs. Earl Manley.

There is lots more information needed for this family.

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