Thursday, January 1, 2015

Genealogy Goals 2015

First, a quick review of 2014 goals:
1.   Finish Tucker monograph;
2.   Attend NGS Conference in Richmond;
3.   Continue supporting HFFI through file management and photo archive project;
4.   Continue management and content addition to FRGS website;
5.   Continue digitizing marriage licenses for City of Fredericksburg;
6.   Finish transcribing diaries of Jessie Tucker Agard;
7.   Continue blog posts;
8.   Continue Random Acts support for Genealogy Club of Newtown.

Revisiting my 2014 goals, I realized I accomplished six out of eight, which isn’t too bad a record. After connecting with my new Nunn cousins on New Year’s Day 2014, I put the Tucker monograph aside, as well as transcribing the diaries of Jessie Agard, to finish the Nunn monograph. 

The Nunn Monograph is done. I am presently in the process of getting it printed and bound. Employing the PostNet office just up the road to print the 86 page drafts saves me time and money. The manager is checking into cost of binding. I have a list of those who want a copy.  I plan to mail out these copies early in the New Year Yea!!

2015 Genealogy Goals
1. Finish Nunn Monograph and distribute copies;
2. Transcribe, add photographs, print, bind and distribute Jacksonville Church History manuscript to the church and the Ulysses Historical Society;
3. Attend NERGC in Rhode Island;
4. Continue researching the Tucker family line;
5. Continue transcribing diaries of Jessie Agard;
6. Maintain England Family Cemetery and research who might be buried there.

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