Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nunn Monograph – Done!

Cover Photo for Monograph
Harry Nunn and his family

A long time coming, but the monograph on my Nunn family line is done.  The three parts were printed on Friday; Front Matter – 10 pages, Manuscript – 86 pages, and Index – 3 pages.  I brought the seventeen copies home and checked through each one making sure pages were printed, table of contents and index pages were correct.

Today I printed six ivory parchment paper pages for each of the seventeen copies that delineated the sections.  I call them “pause” pages, since the reader can pause and know another section is about to start. I also feel the different texture of the parchment adds a nice touch.

The monographs are now in a box ready to go back to Postnet to be soft cover bound.  While that is being done I will ready the padded envelopes with printed labels so I can send the monographs along to family members. 

And one last thing.  I still need to write a cover letter to go with the monographs, and that seems to be the hardest part.  Been mulling over what to say. How do you condense seventeen years of work into a few sentences?  I’ll get it done.

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