Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Eugene L. Shepherd (1877-1958) Chemung County, NY

Portrait of Eugene L. Shepherd - 1912
Chicago Portrait Company

I love bad weather days since it forces me to stay inside and puts me in the mood for cleaning out and reorganizing.  This cold snowy morning I decided to work on archive boxes and files not touched for a while (years?).

A few years ago we visited my cousin who was preparing to move.  She presented me with all her mother’s family photos and memorabilia.  I accepted the material even though her mother is not in my family line. I accepted the material because I didn’t want it to go astray. With those documents and photos I developed a family history for my aunt. She was delighted with the information I had found on her family.

Although I have had this material since 2011, it wasn’t until this morning that I really looked at the large, 14 x 17 inch framed photo of a young man.  For the first time I noticed the elaborate frame, and then read the metal plaque on the back:

“Know ye These Presents Certify That”
This is an heirloom portrait of
Eugene L. Shepherd
Made from a photograph taken in the year
1912 and faithfully portrayed by the
artist in a manner and quality befitting a work
to be passed on to future generations as a
priceless heirloom.  Done at the studios of
Chicago Portrait Company in the City of Chicago,
County of Cook, State of Illinois, U.S. A.
       E.H. Boese
        Art Director

I did a little research on the Chicago Portrait Company. They had quite the business going, though the “portrait” in my possession is nicely done and the frame quite impressive.

I shouldn’t have this item. It belongs to someone in the Shepherd (Shepard) family, and so that is my next task. To find a descendant of Eugene L. Shepherd that would love to have this photo of their ancestor. 


  1. I have a portrait with the same label. A girl about 7 maybe, name Mary J Harrison. Portrait was taken in 1861 and painted by E H Boese in 1938. I feel the same way you do. This should be with the family, and I would love to find them.

    1. Bamagirl: My cousin is coming to visit and would like her mom's material. I am happy for her to have it, and I will mention this portrait to her as she is in touch with her Shepherd cousins.