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Herbert F. Agard and the Jacksonville Community Church

Herbert F. Agard

Every writer knows that Murphy’s Law states that as soon as you publish, new information immediately comes to light.  It is somewhat comforting to know that my great grandmother, Jessie Agard, was not immune.

As I read through the Jacksonville Community Church history, towards the back is a page marked “Extra,” and dated March 1947.  The entry reads:

“The day after this church manuscript was finished and had already been handed in, a paper was found. It was a copy of the Last Will and Testament of the late Herbert F. Agard. The will was executed on the 5th day of January 1926.

The third notation in this document concerns this church and will be quoted verbatim.

‘Third – After the death of my said wife, if any of my property should remain, I give, devise and bequeath, to the Methodist Church of Jacksonville, Tompkins County, State of New York, the sum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) to belong to said church absolutely.’

Herbert F. Agard died Feb. 27, 1926 and his wife died July 18, 1926

John Agard was executor and settled the business.

A returned voucher from the First National Bank, Trumansburg, N. Y. dated Jan. 25, 1927, the amount ‘Two Hundred dollars’ estate of Herbert F. Agard was made out payable to Philo B. Smith, President of the Board of Trustees of the Jacksonville Methodist Church and signed by John W. Agard, executor.

Trustees book shows no record of such bequest.

And therein lies a mystery. Did the money get put into the church treasury, was it turned back over to the bank to relieve some of their debt, or just missed in during the next meeting discussion? 

On May 23, 2013 I wrote a blog on Herbert and Emma Susan Baker Agard.  In that blog I wished for a photo of Herbert.  During this recent search, I found an early photo of Herbert, so another Christmas wish has been granted.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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