Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tuesday's Tip - Citation Suggestion

My well-worn copy of Agards in America
previously owned by Merritt and Maude Agard

I wonder if Tuesday's Tip can be posted on Wednesday?  At any rate, that is exactly what I am going to do.  

Today I am researching and filling out the John Branch of Frederick Browning Agard's book, Agards in America. This process takes me to several websites as I search and read books about the history of the Upstate New York towns where this family settled. Not only am I learning about my ancestors, but about the areas in which they lived.  I am making notes as I go along, so I can add a shaded box within my monograph to include a little bit about the town or county's history.  

I am careful to cite my sources, but what I haven't done in the past is also record exactly WHERE I found the online book.  That has cost me some time lately as I try to remember the source. So today I am putting in brackets after the footnoted citation the website in which the information was found, i.e. [HeritageQuest] or [].  

I hope this hint saves you some time. 

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