Monday, January 20, 2014

Mystery Monday – Jacksonville Community United Methodist Church History

On 20 January 1955 Ulysses Town Historian Jessie Tucker Agard wrote in her diary:

 “Started writing the church history manual. I have copied it all on loose leaf notepaper. I began writing church history for my own pleasure in 1935. They heard about it at the church and asked me to read it one “Old Home Day” that was the start. Later I bought a manuscript book, paid $10 for it and I have copied my notes from the “Old Records,” and gave them to the church. That was finished in 1946. Last summer Dr. Moody and later D. Crumb asked me if I would bring the book up to date. That is what I have been doing this fall and winter. – ( A big job).”

As I work my way through Jessie’s diaries, I find multiple notations about working on the church history.  In her January 1947 diary she mentions purchasing her manuscript book at Miller’s Paper Store in Ithaca for $10.  Through the first half of 1955 Jessie works almost every day on copying over and updating the church history. On Sunday 1 May 1955 she took the updated history to the church.

Jessie mentions she developed the history from local records. I am curious as to what records she used and exactly what possible genealogy information might be contained therein.  But, to this point, no one is able to locate the church history.  Another mystery to be solved. 

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