Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Coffee

When faced with a difficult and therefore unpopular decision, my Irish boss (named Jim) would mutter, “Everyone’s out of step but Jim.”   This refers, of course, to the story about a proud Irish mother watching her son, returning from World War II, marching with his company down New York’s Fifth Avenue.  The proud Irish mother says to the person next to her, “Everyone’s out of step but Jim.”

I was reminded of this quote very early this morning while curled up on the couch with my iPad attempting to read today’s Geneabloggers entries.  I don’t visit that site every day, but do make it a habit on the weekend, particularly because I so enjoy learning about the new blogs. 

I don’t know when the changeover occurred, but I was most distressed that I could not read the new entries without first signing up with Pinterest.  This was most annoying and I could hear myself saying – Google Reader – where are you???? I am not a fan of Pinterest.

I admit I am part of the problem. First, I have a first generation iPad that is getting slower by the day.  Second, with all the identify theft I am reluctant to give websites (or anyone else) my information.  I did finally sign up from my main computer and was relieved they didn’t want any information than an email.  I suspect I will get annoying email ads from WordPress that I will have to unsubscribe to.  So, back to the original issue – why can’t we just read posts on Geneabloggers like we used to without going through all this hassle??

On a lighter note, I received an email yesterday from a new cousin who is thinking along the same lines as I – continuing with Frederick Browning Agard’s book, Agards in America.   We are in the same branch, but following different lines. We will be collaborating and figuring out how best to proceed with publishing a supplement to Agards in America.  An exciting, if not daunting adventure ahead!!!

Oh, and thanks for letting me vent!

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