Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Genealogy Goals for 2012

Since we will be in transition for the first three months this year, I am keeping my genealogy goals list short and hopefully attainable.

Journaling – I’m glad I kept a journal last year; consequently I will continue this habit of documentation.

Tompkins County Rootsweb – I will continue to provide the Tompkins County, New York genealogy website with old photos and typed obits for their scrapbook section.

Hardenbrook Monograph – Yes, darn it, I am going to finish the monograph on the Hardenbrook family of Upstate New York this year.

Nunn Monograph – I began my genealogy journey with the Joseph Nunn family of Germany and New York City. This family has been my nemesis from the start.  Maybe if I concentrate my efforts, I will have some luck knocking down the brick walls.  It was last year at this time I was contacted through my blog by a member of this family – related to the key person, my grandfather’s sister, Elizabeth Nunn Siebert Piepenburg. I was so excited.  I responded to the comment, but never heard from this woman again. What a heartbreak!  

Fredericksburg Genealogy – I will get involved with a local genealogy group here in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


  1. Mary, I like your goals because, for the post part, they require time and effort. Your brick wall goal, though -- that's another story. It's dependent on things you can't control. I hope you're able to break it down and wish you success.

    Do you have the first and last name of the lady who contacted you about your grandfather's sister? I wonder if she fell ill or passed away. Perhaps you could do a search for an obituary or try to find her some other way (if you know her name).

    All the best to you in 2012.

  2. Nancy: That is an excellent idea. I shall do that. I had tried a White Pages search on this family, but alas, they are unlisted. She said she has teenagers and is the wife of the family member. She said she would contact his siblings. It may be that they didn't have any information or did not want to share. There are folks out there very reluctant to talk about the past.

    I do love the challenge of genealogy, and the continued hope that I will connect with this precious family.

    Thank you for your good wishes and I send the same back to you.