Friday, January 13, 2012

The Genealogy Label I Am Most Proud To Wear

I have been pondering the question posed this morning on Geneabloggers, which was, as a genealogist, what do you want to be called? Examples suggested: amateur genealogist, professional genealogist, etc.

I hadn’t given much thought about what label I wear as I pursue my genealogy hobby.  Having said that, when the subject comes up, I describe my husband and myself as “genealogists.”   Since there are so many levels of knowledge in genealogical research, and always more to learn, I feel it unfair to add a qualifier. 

There are times I say, with a smile, that at the very beginning of my genealogy quest I was a “baby genealogist.”  When I was a baby genealogist…  After fourteen years of genealogy research, having produced one monograph with another almost ready for publication, I think of myself as a “genealogist.”

But the position I hold most dear is the one bestowed upon me by family members and that is of “family historian.”  I am honored to have been designated as the one who preserves our family history, photos, bibles and diaries.


  1. I think you should have the same title that my relatives gave me: Chief Family Historian.

    It's almost a family joke that I never stop taking photos at family gatherings--and before I share them, I "smooth out" the wrinkles in some of the faces. When these photos get passed down from generation to generation, it doesn't hurt to make people look their very best for posterity, does it?

    Of course, if you're behind the viewfinder, you have to get someone to put YOU in the picture at some point :)

  2. I guess I can do without the prefix as I am the only family member interested in delving into and writing up our family lines. Smile. I definitely need to get better at taking photos, though, and you are my inspiration.