Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Goals - Final Report

As the end of the year approaches I realize I did pretty well in accomplishing my genealogy goals. Those goals and the final report in bold is listed below:

·      Produce a monograph of the Hardenbrook family 1830 – 1930.  I have so much interesting information written up on this family during these years it is time to share with others during research in Seneca and Cayuga County, NY. Almost done.  I am doing a read through to find any critical holes in the write-up and data, as well as making sure all citations are complete.
·      Produce a monograph of the Shepard family for my cousin.  I have sorted through the two suitcases.  I will scan photos, research this family, write up what I find and return the material to my cousin in an acid free archival box by Christmas 2011.  Done.  I produced a monograph and presented it to my aunt on Mother’s Day. I am glad I did as she died on July 27.
·      Continue to share genealogical research information through my blog. Done!
·      Develop the 1880-1889 Newtown Death Database from vital records book held at the town clerk’s office. (The 1890-1899 Newtown Death database was developed in 2010; an article has been submitted about the importance of this database to the February 2011 issue of Connecticut Ancestry).  Not accomplished.
·      Continue to search for descendants of Elizabeth Nunn Siebert. Worked on, but still no further success with this family.
·      Attend the NERGC Conference in April 2011. Done.
·      Provide Tompkins County Rootsweb ( with transcribed material.  From the Shepard family suitcases I have retrieved a number of Ithaca Journals in which I have saved the obits and will transcribe for this site as I have done in the past. Done.
·      Keep a journal. Done.

Over the next few days I will evaluate my genealogy research and set new goals for 2012.  Happy searching!


  1. Congratulations! Looks like you accomplished quite a lot in 2011. I wish you the best in 2012.

  2. Thanks, Amy. I did pretty well! Since we are in transition for the next couple of months, my 2012 goals won't be quite so ambitious. I wish you a successful 2012 as well.

  3. Happy new year and may 2012 bring you more genealogical surprises, breakthroughs, and connections!

  4. Marian: And those same wishes go back to you. It is an exciting new year and I hope to get much accomplished.