Sunday, June 26, 2011

Church Record Sunday - Philathea Class Newfield, NY

Philathea Class Old Baptist Church
Newfield, New York
early 1920s
Philathea means "Lover of God," and was an international, interdenominational organization for women. The members of the Newfield chapter are: Top row: Adelaide Williams, Mrs. George Ervay (?), Mrs.  David (?), Mrs. Leon Godley (?), Lina Wescott, Mrs. Tucker (husband ran creamery in Newfield). 
Second Row: Hattie Gardner, Iva Tompkins, Mae Cooper (Uncle Frank McAllister's maid), Theresa Stevens Carpenter, Etta Tompkins; Third Row: Marie Cutter, Ethel Taber, Helen Estabrook, Alice Van Marter (?). 

Thanks to Kathryn Cutter Maki for preserving this photo. 


  1. The ladies look very serious and determined in their love of God. I love their dresses which are so varied and individual--and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this photograph.

  2. Nancy: Thanks for stopping by. We love this photo - some great looking ladies. I will be doing a follow-up story on Mae Cooper (middle, second row).

  3. This is a wonderful photo. I can not wait to hear more about Mae Cooper.

  4. Yvette: We are trying to find out more about her. We have shared this information with the Newfield NY Historical Society folks. They are working on a project to feature the outstanding women of Newfield, and May is on the list.