Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Mrs. George (Lucina) Hardenbrook

Obituary for Mrs. George Hardenbrook
Her Death at Her Daughter’s in Batavia, After Brief Illness

Mrs. Lucina Bush Hardenbrook, widow of George Hardenbrook, died about 12:30 o’clock yesterday afternoon [Nov. 10, 1912] at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Martha Lindsley of No. 135 Ross Street from a complication of diseases. She had been in ill health for some time, but was not taken seriously ill until Saturday. Owning to the fact that her illness had been so brief Coroner Snow was called on to issue the death certificate.

Mrs. Hardenbrook was born in Barre, Orleans County, on March 24, 1832, and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ebenezer Bush. Her grandfather was Elisha Smith, who took a deed of his farm in Barre in 1806, traveling there from Massachusetts with his family by wagon. Mrs. Hardenbrook’s great-grandfather was Abija Harding, a Revolutionary soldier, and she was also a grand niece of Cheater Harding, the noted portrait painter. Her marriage to George Hardenbrook took place in Middleport on September 25, 1849. She resided with her husband in Clarendon nearly sixty years.

Two years ago Mrs. Hardenbrook came to Batavia and took up her residence with her daughter, Mrs. Lindsley, besides whom she is survived by a son, Fred Hardenbrook of Clarendon; a sister, Mrs. Wallace of Geneseo, eleven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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