Thursday, April 14, 2011

Connecticut Historical Society

On April 13, the Genealogy Club of Newtown learned about the holdings of the Connecticut Historical Society Museum and Library.  I, for one, was amazed at the amount of genealogical information housed there and accessible for easy research access.

They have family genealogies, the Hale Tombstone index, local histories, the complete Hartford Courant, with the issues 1764-1820 indexed by Doris Cook. They have recent Hartford Courants online, NEGH Register, the Rhode Island Arnold Collection. They also house the Colonial Dames Church Records 1700-1800 of 106 Connecticut parishes.  They have the Lucius Barnes Barbour Probate Abstracts, the Camp Collection of the Smith family, diaries, journals, account books, Revolutionary War and bible records.  Just to name a few.

If you cannot visit their beautiful facility located in West Hartford, CT, they have staff on hand to give you the assistance you need. They will discuss your research goals, provide a list of the sources that will be examined, and provide an estimate of how many hours it will take to conduct the research.  You will then receive a comprehensive report listing all sources consulted, including photocopies of relevant materials. Their rates are $30/hr for members; $50/hour for non-members.  For research, call 860 236 5621 x 212, or  The Connecticut Historical Society address is: One Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105. 

Anyone with Connecticut ancestors should have the Connecticut Historical Society in their genealogical toolbox.  Stop by their web site, search their online catalog for your ancestor, but keep in mind, only a portion of their collection is indexed online at this time. So if in doubt, contact them. They are waiting to help you! The Society is sustained by its membership dues and its annual fund; it is not state funded. So any financial assistance they receive is most welcome. 

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