Friday, May 18, 2018

Jacksonville Community Church 1945-46 Rehabilitation Project board members

The Building Committee
Harland Knight, Chairman
E. Delos Crumb                                                                                    Mrs. Esther Hopkins
Mrs. Mabel Carman                                                                             Floyd Parke
Mrs. Alice Hopkins                                                                                Arthur Moody

Mrs. Mabel Carman, Chairman
E. Delos Crumb                                                                                    Alfred Graham
Hewart Heathwaite                                                                               Mrs. Hope Knight
Floyd Parke

The Finance Committee
Mrs. Winifred Baker, Chairman
Alfred Graham, Vice Chairman
Mrs. Maude Agard                                                                                    Miss Anna Mekeel
Francis Lueder                                                                                            Arthur Agard
Mrs. Elsie Vann                                                                                           Mrs. Esther Hopkins
Herman Davis                                                                                              Fay Stevens

The Official Board
Arthur Agard                                                                                                Hewart Heathwaite
William Agard                                                                                                Thomas Hopkins
Fred Baker                                                                                                       Esther Hopkins
Winifred Baker                                                                                               Harland Knight
Roger Brown                                                                                                   Hope Knight
C.O. Carman                                                                                                    Dr. Chas Lueder
Mabel Carman                                                                                                Julie Lueder
E. Delos Crumb                                                                                               Francis Lueder, Jr.
Margaret Crumb                                                                                            Floyd Parke
Herman Davis                                                                                                Lillian Parke
Alfred Graham                                                                                               Frank Reynold
Clyde Gould                                                                                                    Willard Wilcox
William Vann

The Department Heads
Church School                                    Alice Hopkins, Acting Supt.
W.S.C.S.                                               Esther Hopkins, President
Young Adult Fellowship                    Winifred Baker
Youth Fellowship                               Carolyn Crumb, Chairman
Boy Scouts, Troop 22                        Prof. Harry Loberg
Scout Master                                      Hewart Heathwaite

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