Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Still Searching Beldon and Mildred Mohrman

Thanks to the diligent searching of a San Diego, CA Genealogical Society volunteer I received this death notice for Beldon Mohrman.  There was no obituary, nor was there an obituary for his wife Mildred. I wish to find out if Mildred (Nunn) Mohrman is our “Aunt Millie” aka Emilie Nunn born 1897 in Manhattan, New York.

The obit does provide some clues giving me names of Beldon’s siblings.  The volunteer also told me I can request an “informational” copy of the death certificate from the San Diego County Recorder’s Office, which will provide parents name, funeral home, burial place and name of informant.

I wonder why this man who served in the military and held public office in San Diego did not have an obituary.  That is a clue as well.  And so the search continues.

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