Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

This month has tested my comfort zone.  The subtitle for this blog post could be, “Doctors, Dentists and Genealogy.”

I am someone who practices natural medicine, so I have a difficult time with western doctors who have little training/understanding in diet, nutrition, exercise, and natural forms of keeping well. I think I have finally come upon a woman doctor who at least respects my beliefs.  But it is always nerve wracking to make that call to schedule an appointment.

Then there was dental work to be done. Putting that off as long as I could, August was the month to get it done. I am happy to report everything went well!

On to genealogy - the Nunn family line continues to frustrate me.  With each step forward I am faced with another roadblock to circumvent.  This week I stepped outside my comfort zone and made a cold call to a gentleman age 65+ with the surname of Mohrman in the San Diego, CA vicinity. There was no answer - was he at home but didn't recognize the 540 area code? Is he away on vacation? Is he skeptical of a caller asking about family - his or maybe not his. Does he know this family but has no interest in genealogy research? Ba humbug!!

A shy person by nature, cold calling is very difficult for me do. If I want to learn about Beldon Mohrman's wife Mildred, I have to go outside my comfort zone. From Beldon's obit, I learned his sister was Nellie Entwhistle.  Searching Entwhistles in the San Diego area, I find they all have unlisted phone numbers.  So to the keyboard I went writing to the oldest on the list explaining my research with the goal of ascertaining whether Mildred Nunn Mohrman was our Emilie Nunn born 1897.   

And so my genealogy journey has provided yet another life experience and I suspect there will be many more before I'm done.  Will keep everyone posted as to any progress on finding Mildred Mohrman. 

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