Saturday, August 23, 2014

Progress Report – Mohrman and Doolittle

The cold call I made to someone I hoped to be a relative of Beldon Mohrman was returned. That is the good news. The bad news is this person is not a relation, though he took the time to check with his brothers to see if they knew anything about a Beldon Mohrman of San Diego, and he would also keep looking. 

On a more positive note, as I turned my attention back to the Tucker line, I had a note from a descendant who gave me the married name of Evalina Doolittle b: 1875; d: June 1930. Lena, as she is later referred to married Frank Leishear and with that information I was able to find her obituary as well as the obituary for her mother, Mary Jane (Tucker) Doolittle Dickens.  I also now have the name of her daughter who married Harry G. Lanterman.  The Leishears lived in Elmira, New York. I can now learn more about the story of Lena and her husband Frank.

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