Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seine Pocket Farm

Revolutionary War soldier John England b: abt 1755 served as a private in the Virginia Colony Army under Captain Mason Pilcher and Colonel William Garrand.  Mr. England was a farmer, locating in Stafford County from Bucks County, PA.  His farm was located along the Rappahannock River and named Seine Pocket Farm for the river’s rock formations that trapped fish as the tides changed.

Mr. England at age 95 in 1850 lived with his son Patrick H. England, wife, Emma, and their five children in Stafford County.  I am still looking for his burial.

In 1990, Mr. England’s descendant, Anne Brooks Brauer, wrote a short bio of her Revolutionary War ancestor from which this write-up was taken. In the two page bio she states: “To this date of July 1990, there have been no families other than Englands living on the property since John England owned it. Seine Pocket was sold out of the England-Brooks family in the late 1940s. The farm now overgrown and sitting in the path of developers would be a terrible loss to the local people.”

My interest in John England is because I believe his farm is just a short walk from our new home in the dreaded new development that Anne refers to.  If further research proves the England farm was so near, then it is only right that we do something, like placing a marker at the site to honor the homestead of John England.

Thanks, Anne, for your family history.  

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