Monday, April 7, 2014

James Monroe High School (Bronx, NY) Class of 1937 Committee Chairmen

I was browsing through my blog page views this morning and noticed a large number for the James Monroe High School Swim Team. Looking through my dad's copy of the 1937 Monrovian I noted there are not many group photos; none of the sports teams. Maybe that is why the picture of the swim team garnered so much interest. 

From 1937 Monrovian yearbook

There are a few photos of "Activities" and this is a picture of the "Committee Chairmen." What their duties entailed is a mystery. Maybe someone out there can clarity. 

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  1. Hi - I am looking to purchase a copy of the 1937 James Monroe (Bronx) yearbook. Does anyone have a copy that they would like to sell? Please call me at 212.659.4917.