Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kate and Carl Preiss

Kate Nunn was born 21 December 1893, the fifth child of Joseph and Catherina Kurtz Nunn. The family lived at 2030 First Avenue in New York City.   Kate was 6-1/2 when the city’s Outdoor Poor arrived to take her and her siblings upstate to St. Joseph’s Home in Peekskill, New York.  The home was paid $2.00 a week for her keep.

I have it on good authority that Kate married Carl Preiss. I don’t know when.  I also learned that Kate died at a young age in childbirth, or possibly a miscarriage.  Kate and Carl lived in the Bronx.

So far I have been unable to find this couple on a census or any other database.  I would love to connect with any Preiss family that might have further information on this couple.

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