Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday – Lida A. Tucker

Lida A. Tucker (1883) was the first born of Fred and Josephine (Dickens) Tucker.  In 1906 she married Ervin Griffen (Griffin) (1881-1936).  Their wedding announcement appeared in the 7 March 1906 Ithaca (NY) Daily News.

“One of Enfield’s most popular young women, Miss Lida Tucker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tucker was married to Ervin Griffen, son of Alice Griffen, of New York City, at the Baptist parsonage, Enfield Center, Sunday.  The young couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Hausner of Mecklenburg.  After a wedding supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tucker, the young couple left for a short wedding tour, after which they will reside in Mecklenburg.”[1]

Lida and Ervin had four children: Alice J. b: 1910; Florence b: 1915; Alfred b: 1918, and Richard b: 1929.

Lida and Ervin are buried in the Trumbulls Corners (NY) Cemetery.

[1] “Fred Tucker,” society note, Ithaca N.Y. Daily News, 7 March 1906, p. n/a, col 5. [www.fultonhistory.org – 18 September 2012. 

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