Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mystery Monday – Message in a Bottle – Was it Suicide?

Since we arrived in Florida two weeks ago the Gulf has been angry.  After a mild two months, the weather has turned cold and windy – March came in like a lion.  When the Gulf is angry it doesn’t give up many seashells, so I have not been successful in finding many sand dollars this year. 

But early one morning last week the water was calm and shells were plentiful. As I strolled along keeping an eagle eye out for those elusive sand dollars I came upon a small bottle that held a blue note. I picked up the bottle and noticed the wax seal had two small holes that had allowed water to leak through making the printing difficult to read. I brought the bottle home and we tried our best to carefully wedge the cork out, preserving it intact, but it was just too tight. My husband finally got the corkscrew and we pulled it out that way.  We let the paper dry and was then able to read the message. 

The next question is what do you do with it? There are no last names, dates, geographic locations mentioned. It is a real note or a hoax?  Maybe we will never know.  I decided to put it on my blog on the off chance someone, somewhere might recognize the names and/or situation.  Was it illness? Was it suicide?  Again, a mystery.  Here is what the message in the bottle said:

“Jano – My hero, my sailor, my husband, my daddy to our kids.
Today would have been 22 years marriage; 27 years together. You were my best friend and I can hardly breathe without you. The kids have grown so much in the past two years.  We lost everything when we lost you. I couldn’t save you; I was too late this time.  I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I’m doing my best to raise them without you. I’m so afraid. I miss my gentle giant, my body guard, and my lover, best friend. Lisa wanted you to walk her down the aisle. T.J. was wanting you to be there when he graduated – you promised the kids. Believe God musta really loved their Daddy to take him home on Christmas. No more pain for you. I love you forever and I will do my best for all your kids. I love you 4 ever, Lulu.”


  1. Very sad . . . I hope Lulu, Lisa, and T.J. are doing better, wherever they are.

  2. Oh dear. What a sad story. I, too, hope that the family is doing okay.

  3. Thank you both for commenting. Yes, it is sad. The message is back in the bottle and here with me in Fred'burg. I think we all would love to know the rest of the story. You never know....