Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Willow Creek Ladies Lunch at "The Krebs"

Willow Creek Ladies
The Krebs Restaurant, Skaneateles, NY
I decided to scan this deteriorating photo sooner rather than later. Only eight of the thirteen people are listed on the back. Those named are: Margaret Crumb, Florence Graham, Hester Hadley, Pearl Vann, Amanda Smith, Emma Lueder, Jessie Agard, Anna Johnson.  I have no idea the data of this photo; can only guess it is early 1900s.

The Krebs restaurant was originally owned by Cora Krebs in 1845, and became a renowned area restaurant in 1899. It was closed in 2010 due to the death of the owner/operator, and has just recently been renovated to reopen as a restaurant again. 

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