Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday - A Year of Transition

This year our Christmas letter began:

This has been an emotional and trying year that continues as such right up to the end.  We survived all Mother Nature threw at us – Record snow/ice dams in winter, record rainfall through spring and summer, a Microburst in June (power out for three days), Tropical Storm Irene (power out for five days), and then Nor’easter Alfred (power out eight-plus days).  We mourned the loss of our dear family members, Elaine Hill, Lee Agard, Beverly Agard, and Ray’s mom, Kathryn Maki.

Indeed it was a difficult year in many ways. And in June we decided to put our home on the market (at the worst possible economic time), and buy into a Del Webb community in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  In four months we had only three showings. It was a dismal outlook for the transition we had planned. But our guardian angel (and possibly the two St. Joseph statutes planted upside down) was looking out for us. On November 27 we accepted an offer on our house; exactly three weeks later we had packed up our three-bedroom home and arranged for movers to store our furniture until our new home at Celebrate Virginia was ready.

Although our stress level at times was over the top, we are so thankful. We are thankful our son invited us into his home for Christmas, and thankful for a sister-in-law who opened her home to us until our new home is built.

We are thankful Fredericksburg has an established genealogy club and we hope to become active members. We are excited to explore this historic area and find out what can be done here to assist genealogists.  We love to create databases!!

And we are thankful for our family and for our many friends in Upstate New York and Newtown, Connecticut. 

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