Monday, July 4, 2011

Matrilineal Monday - Anna Umschied Colesie

Several years ago I did some research for my cousin’s wife on her maternal grandparents, John and Anna Colesie. That request has come ‘round again, and so I revisited this couple.

Anna Umschied was born 1885 in Germany to Cornelius and Anna Straub Umschied. Anna immigrated to Boston in 1903 and was employed as a parlor maid for Paul and Frieda Thomas.  Anna married John Colesie on April 8, 1912.  In January 1915 their only child, Helen Rose Colesie was born.

Oral history carries the story that Anna’s father, Cornelius, deserted the family after Anna’s mother died. Anna ended up in an orphanage. Her two brothers, George and Jack left Germany, came to the United States and then sent for Anna.  At some point a woman named Frieda Farris comes into the picture, but not sure how. She may have married one of Anna’s brothers, and possibly has genealogy on this family.  Anna’s brothers married and had children.

According to my cousin’s wife, secrets abound; consequently, any help on this family line would be much appreciated. 

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