Sunday, October 10, 2010

Washington Hardenbrook Family

Three members of this family died in January 1904. Washington passed away after a long illness, daughter Anna, age 20, died of typhoid pneumonia, and son Lynn died in a work related railroad accident. Washington's wife, Amelia (Stella) Stevens Hardenbrook was left with three children, Lena A., Bertha S. and Don M. Hardenbrook. The stress from the loss of three of her family members put Stella into the local state hospital at Willard for a period of time. We recently found this family's plot in Union Cemetery, Ovid, NY, and the heartbreak this family faced was definitely felt by us through their final resting place.

Anna E. and Lynn J. Hardenbrook
Sister and brother
Union Cemetery, Ovid, NY
Washington and Amelia Stevens Hardenbrook
Union Cemetery, Ovid, NY

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