Saturday, October 22, 2016

The new We’re Related App by Ancestry

I became aware of Ancestry’s newest offering by way of Judy Russell’s The Legal Genealogist blog. The “We’re Related App” is Ancestry’s attempt to get the younger generation interested in genealogy. The app is free and is advertised as such: Find fame and friendships in your family. We’re Related is a free app that helps you discover if you are related to famous people and your circle of friends.

I’ve never had a desire to be related to someone famous, but I guess there are people out there that are. Obviously there are enough people for Ancestry to come up with this app. Case in point, when we first embarked on our genealogy research our daughter wanted us to find we had some American Indian heritage. So far she’s been disappointed.

Before downloading this app, please read Judy’s article. Although reluctant to connect her Facebook account with Ancestry, for the sake of her readers, she went through the steps and debunked every connection claim that was made between her family line and a famous person. Consequently, the title of her article is: No, actually, we’re not related. After reading her article, then scroll down to the thirty-five comments. Some folks found a way to get around the FB/Ancestry connection. Others felt the research was sound. Judy’s point, however, is this is not genealogy. We may be connected to a “famous” person, but we need to do the solid, documented research.

Enjoy the journey!

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