Monday, April 13, 2015

The Dorn Family of Upstate New York

As the monograph of the Nunn family circulated among my Florida relatives, the question was raised, was George Dorn who married Emma Nunn (my grandfather’s sister) related to our newest “family” member with the last name of Dorn?

It wasn’t until we returned from Florida that I could really get into researching this question – I mean, I just couldn’t sit inside at the computer when the sun and water beckoned, could I?
We were busy building sand castles
It is great fun researching the Utica Dorn family. I learned the ship City of Montreal brought Conrad and Maria (Schuck) Dorn to New York on 13 October 1879.  Conrad and Maria traveled from Germany with their five young children: Adam, Ann, Nicholas, John and infant Josephine. Whereas my Dorn line stayed in New York City, this Dorn family relocated immediately to Utica, New York, where at the time there lived seven other Dorn families.

Conrad was immediately hired in the lumberyard, (one of the Dorn males already there worked as a carpenter), but Conrad later became a long time employee and valued weaver at the Globe Woolen Mill in Utica.

The story of the Utica Dorns will continue in another post and then we will see if George Dorn of New York City is indeed related to the Conrad Dorn line of Utica, New York.


  1. Looking forward to the continuing story of the Dorns and enjoying the sand castles too!

  2. I am finding this family line very interesting and am learning so much about the Utica area. There was so much going on there during the 1800s and early 1900s.