Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Conrad Dorn of Obernau, Germany

Immigrant Conrad Dorn was born in Obernau, near Ashuffenburg, Bavaria, Germany on 4 July 1842. He came to America with his family in 1879, and they immediately settled in the small Upstate New York town of Utica.  He first worked for the Empire Woolen Company in Clayville, New York. Clayville is situated on Sauquiot Creek, about ten miles south of Utica. The mill was incorporated in 1860 and produced fancy cassimere, worsted and overcoats.

Conrad then enjoyed long time employment with the Globe Woolen Mills in Utica.  The Utica Globe Mills was begun in 1847, with the mill reorganized into the Globe Woolen Mills. This mill where Conrad was employed as a skillful weaver produced the finest fancy woolen and worsted goods. The label Globe Woolen Mills meant the highest quality.

Globe Woolen Mills
Utica, New York
Unfortunately, in late Augusts 1907, at the age of 65 Conrad suffered a stroke and on 1 September died at his home on Saratoga Street, Utica. During his life he had been a member of St. Joseph’s Church The Bavarian Sick Aid Society, the Deutsche Bruder, and an honorary member of the Maximillian Section of the Bavarian National Verband.

His wife and five children survived him as well as a sister in Germany. 

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