Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday – Family Matters

Nunn-Maki family 1968

The events of the past week have prompted me to think about the things I am thankful for.  I am thankful that:

* Our first cousin, once removed is alive and on the road (albeit long) to recovery after being a random victim of gun violence.

* The Cincinnati hospital was successful in locating and removing the bullet, even though it was a new procedure for them.

* Garrison Keillor in his April 4, 2013 News from Lake Wobegone segment said shame on you to Congress for their inaction on firearm responsibility and being under the control of the gun manufacturers.

* I have the opportunity to meet my newly found second cousins, the grandchildren of Elizabeth Nunn Siebert. I am so excited to learn more about my grandfather’s siblings. I have been working on this family for seventeen years! Stay tune for more information.

* has a relationship calculator to make it easy to figure out how these relationships!  

* My sister-in-law recently found my mother’s lockbox that held Mom’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate from the Methodist Episcopal Church, Easter Sunday, April 12, 1925, my father’s birth certificate, my mother’s Certificate of Literacy dated November 1948, (ironic because in fact, my mother was the smartest person I will ever know), and my parent’s marriage certificate.  These are now in my possession.  My mother kept these important papers in a small metal lock box in the event of evacuation, her box could easily be placed in the trunk of her car and away she goes.

Family does matter and we are blessed to have great family relationships. 

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