Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Ulysses Ladies

I have named this photo "Ulysses Ladies," because it came in a packet of family photos sent to me by my cousin this past week.  There is no identification on the back ... and I don't recognize any of these women in their lovely dresses and hats ... but since it was among our family's photos, I can only guess they may have resided in the Town of Ulysses, New York. 


  1. Hi, I believe the first lady to the left might be my grandmother Yvonne Novey de Bennett who went to Lady Cliff College New York in the 1930s. If she is not my grandmother, they resemble each other greatly. I have several photos of her from those times. My grandma lived in Panama most of her life (she died last year at 103 years old), but she was an American citizen and she lived in USA in some periods of her life. My grandmother was an amazing an amazing and unforgeatable person; we loved her so much. I am a painter and a composer, and I am making a short family video about her, but I also plan to paint some paintings of some people from the past.

  2. Interesting - Did she live in the Finger Lakes Region at some point?