Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fredericksburg, VA Genealogy – Two steps forward, one step back

We returned from our week in Connecticut ready to develop a website for the Fredericksburg Regional Genealogical Society (FRGS).  We made this decision following the September meeting when the plea for website help remained unheeded.

I researched the best (and affordable) website development software for MAC.  Since we would be paying for this ourselves we had to keep the cost within reason. I found that SandVox was highly rated and at a reasonable price.

We purchased and downloaded the software, and what fun we had all day yesterday designing and populating the site.  It was no wonder I had a slight headache last night. I just couldn’t let it go – I kept thinking of additional information to put on the site that might be helpful to Virginia genealogy researchers.

We applied for a FRGSVA@gmail.com account and that is now live.  I started a blog on the website – such fun!!

We then applied to Rootsweb for hosting space. That was easy, and the return message was that it would take three to five days for a response. 

Actually, it was only about three hours when we had a message back from Rootsweb with our User Name and path into their server.  Although we should have waited until morning … we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to see if we could get the site up and running. What a thrill that would be after all this time!!

We carefully put in the path as designated.  Clicked continue and watched the screen populate with the ftp connection.  Ah, it is wonderful when it works.

NOT.  Error message.  We retyped the password, carefully checked the ID, tried different variations.  Same message.

Finally, crestfallen, we wrote to Rootsweb explaining the problem. We also wrote to SandVox.  SandVox immediately replied with helpful information, but it looks like the problem is at Rootsweb.  The files are uploaded successfully, but the download from Rootsweb fails. 

And so we wait …   

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