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Mystery Monday - Hattie Phoenix Gardner

Hattie Phoenix Gardner - Age 88
May 20, 1962
I found this photo yesterday tucked into a pocket of a 3-ring binder, a binder I had not opened in several years.  On the back of the photo is written, “Hattie Gardner,” “May 20, 1962” and along the side, “Born May 24, 1874.”

In Jessie Tucker’s diaries I came across many references to Aunt Hattie and George and Hattie.  I knew she was related, but how?

I then remembered Jessie’s diary entry about her wedding day. It is interesting she writes in third person:

“Arthur Agard and Jessie Tucker were married June 26, 1901 at the Tucker home in Enfield called the “Tichenor Place.” …  They were married by the pastor of the Methodist Church, Enfield Center, the Rev. Wilcox at 4 p.m.  They went immediately to Newfield to the Jay Phoenix home. Hattie Phoenix and George Gardner were to be married at 7 p.m.”

Although I knew Hattie was Arthur's cousin, I needed to know exactly how.  First I found George A. Gardner (1875-1947) and Harriett M. Gardner (1874-1964) buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Newfield, New York.  I then did a Command F on Jessie’s diary transcription, and found that George and Hattie met up with Jessie and Arthur each year at the Secord Family Reunion.  That was the link.  Hattie’s mother must have been a Secord; Arthur Agard’s mother was Sarah Secord.

In the 1860 Federal Census I found Arthur Agard’s mother, Sarah Secord (b: 1854); she is the daughter of Charles and Eliza Secord.  Sarah’s older sister was Susan (b:1844). The Secords lived in Hector, Schuyler County, NY, not far from Enfield. 

The 1900 Federal Census shows twenty-five year old Hattie Phoenix living with her parents, J.B. and Susan Phoenix. They were living in Starkey, Yates County, NY.

The Montour Falls Free Press dated 20 June 1901 states:  “Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Hattie Phoenix which occurs on the 26th of this month.”

I look forward to learning more about George and Hattie Gardner.

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