Friday, November 16, 2012

Follow Friday - Preserving History

Peter Feinman’s November 12 article on the New York History blog poses an interesting question.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, where survival was of the upmost importance for people as well as historical archives, Mr. Feinman asks what responsibility do each of us shoulder for the recording and preserving of history, then and now?  How are we documenting history in the making?

Several years ago, after watching a DVD of historian David McCullough’s presentation in Salt Lake City, my husband and I started keeping our personal journals.  We document not only what is going on in our personal lives, but also document how we feel about the events in the local community, the nation, and the world.  We now need to plan ahead to assure that our journals, as well as those of our ancestors that we have in our possession, are preserved.

But is that enough? Mr. Feinman poses a number of though-provoking questions, and I urge you to read through his essay and give some thought to, “what it means to be an historian in our local globalized-communities where history never stops.

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