Saturday, June 16, 2012

Surname Saturday - Tucker

William Lanning Tucker was the second of ten children of Ezra D. Tucker (b: abt 1817) and Caroline Lanning Tucker (b: abt 1817).   The Tuckers raised their ten children in Enfield, New York; Ezra supported his family by a blacksmith trade.  William was born 19 September 1839. He married Fanny Adelia Hosner in 1863. Fanny Adelia is descended from the Rev. John Lowthropp of London, England and Barnstable, MA.

William Lanning Tucker and Fanny Adelia Hosner had three daughters: Carrie b: 1866, Adelaide b: 1871, Olive b: 1873, and Jessie b: 1876.

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