Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Workday Wednesday - Mail Carrier Everett V. Noble

Sometimes I am distracted while working on genealogy projects when I come across interesting items. This particular article from a 1953 Ithaca Journal caught my eye as I worked on an obituary project for the Tompkins County Rootsweb site.  I hope readers will enjoy the bit of history and dedication of this mail carrier from Ludlowville, NY.

The mail man who covers more mileage each day than any other in New York State has begun his 41st year as a post office employee.

He is Everett V. Nobles of Ludlowville, who treks 63 miles daily, except Sunday, over the roads of Lansing township to deliver the mail. Last Friday, May 15, Nobles observed his 40th anniversary as a rural mail carrier.  

The Ludlowville carrier began work in 1913 by using a horse and buggy over a 20-mile route. In the summer of 1914 he purchased his first car, and used that except during the days of winter when traveling was difficult. Then he relied on his dependable horse. It was not until 15 or 20 years ago that conditions of all the roads he covered became such that he could travel a year around by car.

When William Minturn, the other Ludlowville rural carrier died in 1936, the U.S. Post Office Department consolidated the two routes, with Nobles taking over. His route now includes two houses in Cayuga County.

Nobles was eligible for retirement last Friday, but he plans to keep on with his work for a while.

He was born in Swartwood, but has lived in Ludlowville since he was 5 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Nobles have a son and two daughters, Maj. Lloyd Nobles, San Diego, CA; Mrs. Hubert Quay, Altamont; and Mrs. William Bishop, Ludlowville. 


  1. I really enjoyed this post. The Post Office has provided work for several of my family members, past and present!

  2. Denise: Thank you. I thought it was heartwarming as well. It showed the love and care Mr. Nobles had for his job and his community. We have been blessed to know many postal workers that exemplify this same attribute.