Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday's Obituary - Bessie Runner

The invitations were sent. The family was busy preparing to celebrate her high school graduation, and then she contracted measles. 

As we well know, sometimes our research brings us to unfortunate and sad events. While doing a little more research on the family of Olin and Martha Eva (Hardenbrook) Runner, I came across this obituary of their daughter, Bethulia (Bessie) Runner, who died just before her high school graduation.

Measles Followed by Pneumonia Proved Fatal
Death of Miss Bessie Runner, a Member of the Graduating Class of the Hammondsport High School

Hammondsport, April 18 – The funeral of Miss Bessie Runner was held yesterday afternoon at the North Urbana Church. Rev. D.I. Pitts of the Methodist Church of Hammondsport, officiating. The deceased was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Olin Runner of North Urbana, and would have been 19 years of age if she had lived until today.

Several weeks ago she was taken ill with measles and this was followed by an attack of pneumonia from which she could not rally. Miss Runner was an exceptionally bright girl, a great favorite among her young friends, and greatly beloved. She was a member of the graduating class of 1904 of Hammondsport High School and would have also graduated from the class this year. She is survived by her parents and two brothers. 

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Tuesday, April 19, 1904 p. 3, col 2

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