Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 1940 Spencer, New York Co-Op

Spencer Co-Op 1940

Back Row:  Ed Plykas, John Neimi, Elmer Maki, Arne Louko, Bill Koski
Middle Row:  ___, Ensio Koski, Kauppinen, Frank Kippola, Hans Maunula, Arne Aho, ___, Wayne Alve, Reino Hannula, Ray Maata
Front Row: John Maata, Lydia Maata, Ida Walding, Carl Walding

The Spencer Co-Op served its members by bulk purchasing feed, fertilizer, gasoline and fuel oil. On premises was a grain mill. Later the co-op offered limited clothing and grocery options.  


  1. Thank you. My mother-in-law kept this photo; a reminder of how these co-ops and Granges helped the small family farms.