Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funeral Card Friday - Angie May Starr

Angie May Starr resides in my hubby’s family line; consequently Angie’s funeral card was in his mother’s possession.  Information on Angie’s life is sketchy and my husband would love to have more information.  We do know that Angie was the third child of John and Harriett McDaniels Harker. She had a brother Fred and a sister Ella Maude.  She married William Miller and in 1902 had a daughter Harriett.  In 1900 William Miller taught school in Newfield, New York.  Angie then married Edwin Wallace Starr on 20 October 1914; it was his third marriage.  Edwin was 65 years old when he married Angie; she was twenty-six years younger. 

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