Monday, May 23, 2011

Mystery Monday - Help Find Benjaman Kyle's Real Identity

At NERGC my husband attended Forensic Scientist Colleen Fitzpatrick’s session, “The Search for the Identity of the Amnesiac Benjaman Kyle.” Under his photo is the tag line,  “The only missing person whose whereabouts are known.”  This case is fascinating and gave us much to discuss on our ride home.  To learn about this case, Google “Benjaman Kyle” and read the Wikipedia account.  You will be astounded as to the amount of research that has been done to find this man’s identity, to no avail. 

I am reminded of this now because I happened upon Colleen’s blog, Identifinders through Geneabloggers.  Colleen is now posting lists of Indianapolis births August through September 1948, the time period and place in which Benjaman is suspected to have been born.

Please visit Colleen’s Identifinders site and if you find your name on the list or know of someone on the list, PLEASE contact her so she can eliminate that name as the possible birth of the man now called Benjaman Kyle.


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