Monday, May 23, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Amanda Dudley Dean's Estate

This entry is another clipping in Mrs. Puff's scrapbook. Although no citation is provided, this notice probably appeared in the Ithaca Journal in the early 1900s.

Leaving an estate of $60,000, the will of Mrs. Amanda Dudley Dean, late of the Town of Newfield, in which she bequeaths $51,000 to relatives, was admitted to probate in surrogate’s court today. One of the foremost clauses in the document was that in which she bequeaths $10,000 to the University of Rochester for the sole purpose of helping young men through college who are studying for the Baptist ministry. To Mrs. Elmira Mason of Illinois Mrs. Dean left $2,000; to her executor, to be held in trust and the interest to go to Richard Dean of Schuyler County and after his death to residuary legatees, $5,000. To executor, to be held in trust, the interest to go to Mrs. Emaline Puff of Newfield and after her death to residuary legatees $5,000. To her grandniece, Edith Dudley Horton, $2,000; to grandnephew Carroll R. Horton, $2,000; to Randolph Horton, $2,000; to niece, Adah P. Horton, $5,000; to nephews Nathan C. Cook, Fred Puff and S. Dudley Cook, each $5,000. The residue of the estate was bequeathed to her niece, Adah P. Horton and the three nephews aforementioned.  

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